About Wildwood Studio

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Wildwood is a secluded haven for musicians, writers, performers, artists and thinkers and is part of NeverEverMedia. NEM was set up and is being constantly evolved by a group of creators - musicians, artists, photographers, poets and the like - who need a space to record, write, practise and a community in which to air and share - music, ideas, images, gear, posts...

Why NeverEverMedia? Founding Partners Oliver and Stewart outline their vision:


We just wanted a studio where you never have to play through rubbish gear. Where the stuff is never knackered, the space is never boiling hot or freezing cold, and where there’s plenty of natural light, in inspiring surroundings.

But we didn’t want this to be a mega-budget exclusive environment either.

We wanted somewhere where those with a passion can access the best but simplest recording suite ever, with a straightforward interface to plug in the laptop and go, not some old mixing desk and a bunch of disused outboard gear.

We’ve built the opposite of a disorganised, faceless venue that double-books and doesn't really care and we wanted to create somewhere people can record all night if they want to, without fear of being thrown out at closing time right in the middle of something important.

A place where you never have to worry about whether recordings have been saved, or whether they’re sitting on a single hard-drive at risk, but where they will always go the cloud, automatically.

We wanted to be able to access music, images and files whenever we want remotely, and for them to be mixed, mastered and retrieved, even if we are not at the studio or the studio is closed or we are on a flight…

And, we wanted much more than just a studio. We wanted the best space online for showcasing ours and other people's stuff to our community, for seeing their stuff showcased, a forum for hearing what others are doing and their interests, outside of the track or VT they have posted - we want to know what people are into, to provide an interactive space where people can drop-in, or go online and hang out, preferably from wherever they are.

Stewart explains, 'I could never find a single studio that does almost any of this, never mind all of it. I've never ever come across this kind of place but always thought it possible. I think that's what we all want. When I met the other partners, the studio was already built and the motivation for kitting it out moving forward ticked all of these boxes. I couldn't believe it....'

NeverEverMedia is never just one voice, one way of doing things. We aim to be the fastest growing, evolving, morphing studio and community forum dedicated to musicians and performers. We are starting out in Guildford with the launch of this Wildwood Studio, but we certainly don’t intend to stop there..


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Studio Principle

Stewart Laing
stewart@neverever.media - 07393 303390

Sound Engineer

Liam Loughman


Oliver Hall
oliver@neverever.media - 07768 654233

We are uniquely located in the Surrey Hills area of outstanding beauty:

We are 4 minutes from Guildford London Road by train

We are 15 minutes drive from Woking train station

We are 15 minutes from Guildford by Bus

We are 45 minutes to London from Clandon train station

We are 35 minutes from Heathrow, 45 minutes from Gatwick

We are 15 minutes walk from the Onslow pub

Our Studio

West Clandon
United Kingdom