All the gear you need.



To make the most of your recording time with us, we suggest that you are fully prepared. Below are some of the services we offer to ensure your song is awesome.


Make use of our full back line including PA, drum kit (breakables provided by client) and choice of guitar and bass amplifiers to ensure your song is tight before recording

This price includes only the use of our rehearsal space, with the drum kit, pa and amps

4 hours: from £60

Recording Consultation

Discuss your requirements for recording and beyond. Our producers will help you draw up a schedule of production to help ensure your session on the day stays on track.


demo Recording

An opportunity for producer and artist to establish a direction of the finished recording, to foresee and overcome any potential obstacles to the recording process proper and also spot opportunities for enhancement of the finished product.



Dry Hire

If you have your own preferred producer, take advantage of our dry hire option. An assistant engineer can be provided if required. There will be a member of staff onsite to help with set up if issues occur.

Full day (8 hours): from £120

Multi tracked/Live Redording

We can record several musicians at once, or, for acoustic isolation and more options, sessions can be multi tracked.

This services includes an Audio Engineer/Producer and use of the whole studio and all its equipment, if you don't need an engineer then try the dry hire option.

Full day (8 hours):  from £250

Half Day (4 hours) : from £160

Short day (2 hours): from £80

1 week (5x8 hours): from £1,100

1 month from (20x8 hours): from £4,000


You may already have an almost complete recording and want to record an extra couple of parts - the ultimate guitar solo? Ethereal vocal harmonies?

Recording time charged at our studio rates.

Electronic Production

We have a great range of hardware synthesisers and software options, plus a stack of sample libraries in a range of electronic music genres.



Mixing by one of our engineers: from £100 per song


Create mixes tailored to single, album or radio release. 

We also have a host of electronic production kit to remix to a desired genre

from £80 per track


1 song mastered: from £50

5 songs mastered: from £200

10 songs mastered: from £350

Session Musicians

Our session musicians are available to rehearse, record, play live or write with you: costs from £250 per day by arrangement.

Live Sound/Remote RECORDING

We have two cutting edge fully mobile, ultra-compact and flexible live sound recording consoles - available for even the remotest locations where there is no power or signal available. Please contact us for your live recording requirements.



Vocal Retuning

The modern commercial vocal recording will in almost all cases have received some retuning. Our classically trained engineers have the ears which will guarantee your recording receives the tuning it deserves. They tune music in pitch relative to the rest of the instrumentation and vocalists. In addition to minor pitch corrections, we can be more creative: from creating simple harmonies, to more extreme “Autotune’ style effects, resynthesis and more!


Comping/Editing/Drum Replacement

Let us take the best parts of multiple takes to create the ‘perfect take’

Knock drums and bass into line, eliminate background noise, tidy up audio projects ready for mixing.

Not happy with your drum sound? Kick sounding woolly and missing that snap? We can replace individual hits or entire drum tracks note for note



We can help you with distribution to major streaming and download platforms and also with compact disc production.