All the gear you need.



This price includes only the use of our rehearsal space, with the drum kit, pa and amps

4 hours: from £60

Audio Recording

This services includes an Audio Engineer/Producer and use of the whole studio and all its equipment, if you don't need an engineer then try the dry hire option.

Full day (8 hours):  from £250

Half Day (4 hours) : from £160

Short day (2 hours): from £80

1 week (5x8 hours): from £1,100

1 month from (20x8 hours): from £4,000

Dry Hire

This does not include an engineer, but gives you use of the whole studio and all its equipment. There will be an engineer on site to help you get set if any problems occur

Full day (8 hours): from £120


Mixing by one of our engineers: from £100 per song


1 song mastered: from £50

5 songs mastered: from £200

10 songs mastered: from £350

Session Musicians

Our session musicians are available to rehearse, record, play live or write with you: costs from £250 per day by arrangement.


We have two cutting edge fully mobile, ultra-compact and flexible live sound recording consoles - available for even the remotest locations where there is no power or signal available. Please contact us for your live recording requirements.