The Studio

What can we offer?

A studio where you never ever have to play through rubbish gear in a bad environment  - great equipment in great condition

Climate controlled, tripled-skinned chalet with double glazing in stunning woodland surroundings

Extended hours, relaxing outdoor area with fire-pit, BBQ, hammocks

All day, all night facilities  - overnight facilities available on request

Plug and play recording mixing

Full, simple interface for all Pro-Tools and Logic users

Bring your own laptop, plug straight into our mixer/system/PA/hi-fi

Turn up with absolutely nothing if you like  - we'll do the rest

Simple and very high capacity recording suite  - you be the engineer, or we'll do it for you

Zoom analogue/digital hybrid mixer recorder for on-the-fly pre-mixed, instant recordings to SD/USB

Rent a musician/bandmate/fellow-student/tutor/or just extra equipment   - per your requirements

Why us?

Simple state-of-the-art online booking and an easy to use website calendar and scheduling system  - no surprises

Passionate, active and helpful staff  - all of us have the relevant interest and qualifications in what you need doing

Instantaneous and automatic cloud backup of your work

Remote access facility for retrieval, mixing, mastering and production  - we can send your files to you or another location

Same-day, overnight mixing, mastering and production  - by special arrangement dependent on project scope

Ideal indoor/outdoor space for showcasing, posting, photo-shoots, exhibitions and mini-concerts  - by arrangement

Forums, reviews, posting, blogging and all social media updates, so you can talk to your community in one place

We welcome all:

Artists requiring full solution recording, production, video, website/social-media platform development, and first-class mastering  - we're ready when you are

Shoestring budgeteers, get in touch and find out how you can easily use this luxury space



The Lounge Room  - 5m x 3.5m for general creating, recording & rehearsal space

The Vocal Booth - 2.5m x 2.5m for separated vocal/drum booth with visual/audio monitors

The Control Room - 2.5m x 2.5m for recording and mixing console/keyboard booth

The Mezzanine - 2.5 x 5m for live vocal separation/feedback defeating/condenser mic ambient chamber

Dedicated and fully equipped individual stations for:

Vocals (lounge or booth), Guitar1, Guitar2, Bass, Keys, Drums (lounge or booth)

The Lounge Room can be entirely cleared to our on-site overflow storage facility, to allow vocal groups and choirs


Triple-skinned, solid Spruce wood construction:  35mm timber/45mm insulation/35mm timber

Double glazing to maintain climate and noise reduction

Fujitsu climate control with external air-con inverter

Outside seating/bbq area - 5mx3m decking, woodland, fire-pit, hammocks, work-shed for repairs and adjustments

Minimal sound pollution and beautiful woodland environment

Your own quiet, safe, peaceful place for inspiration and creativity

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We have different engineers available for recording, mixing and mastering dependent on your requirement and budget

We use full professional Pro-Tools, a Zoom 20 track digital mixing/SD recording console/Yamaha high level monitors

We use an 8 core, hyper-speed custom-built computer, the most powerful in any Surrey studio at this time

You can use your own equipment and simply use our mixer for the live garage band experience

We offer same day or overnight mixing & mastering by arrangement

We offer you an assignment and dissertation buddy, for guidance, sticking points and bottlenecks or last minute emergencies with your project

Full, mixed in-studio PA output for playback in the Lounge room of all line-in/mic'd/audio/sample inputs

Full hi-fi playback facility in the Lounge room using Technics and Danish Audio equipment

Facility for playback, recording inputs: Bluetooth, SD, USB, jack, phono, HDMI, mini-disc, CD, vinyl and even cassette tapes (tell us if you require other formats)

Separate control room with switchable speaker access


Contact us for details of our equipment and spec

We can help you rent specific equipment and instruments, should you require them

We will advise you on compatibility of your equipment if need be

You can store equipment overnight/per week by arrangement

Equipment delivered from your car to the studio door, if required

Pickup and drop-off service from studio to train station/Guildford/Woking etc  - by arrangement

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