Founder Members

NeverEverMedia is built upon a Founding Membership, a core group of people with a bewildering array of skills, experience, qualifications and most importantly, passion - a cultural melting pot of Dutch, English, Finnish, Greek, Indian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Scottish and Welsh backgrounds. The building of the NEM FM group has been organic and it has been rapid. These are the people who have jumped at the idea of their own brand new social media platform and a stunning studio, set up and built voluntarily by this team. You can request one or a number of these members for your project or session. Or, we can match up those which will suit you best.


They each belong to one, or a number of NEM teams:

  • Videography

  • Technology

  • Education

  • Live recording

  • Business

  • Artists/Performance

  • Songwriting/composition

  • Production

  • Instruments (Voice, Guitar, Piano/Keyboards/Synths(PKS), Drums, Bass, DJ/Electronica)

  • Social Media & Digital

Oliver Hall

Stewart Laing

Tom Doughty

Joe Boult

Alex Roussos

Ben Champion

Andy Simpson

Daisy Phillips

Ana-Maria Lazar

Dave Futcher

Lina Nilsson

Elina Tikkanen

Erin Evans

Liam Aitken

Sam Rushton

Cherry T

Ian Gilchrist

Monika Witkowska

Mike kwiecien

Jai Bansuri

Ollie Melville-Smith

Shanna Breckenfeld

Joe Almond

Sam Critchlow

Cassy Quinn

Associate Founder Members


Emily Williams

Liam Loughman

IMG_8734 - Copy.jpg

Eva Linn Fossheim

Graham Russ


Jake Tellinghusen

IMG_8838 - Copy.jpg

Rico Diks