Ben Champion


PKS Lead, Social Media & Digital, Production, Live recording, Artists, Guitar, Technology.

Our resident professor in the dark arts of synth-building and all things that go beep, Ben is a grade A student in Music Technology, Physics and Maths and a Trinity College grade 7 guitarist. Ben has worked for the Duet Philharmonic at The Royal Festival Hall, King’s Week Arts Festival and Canterbury Cathedral Boys’ Choir with Duet Media. More recently, Ben is a key team member of the Hi-Tech Sales Department at Anderton’s Music covering studio recording, software interfaces and hardware integration, live sound and PA, synthesizers, digital pianos and some other things which we don’t really understand. Ben’s qualifications include an LST Diploma in live sound and a degree in Music Production at ACM when he graduates next year. Ben also has a strong interest in video editing and is such, is part of our video-editing team. Ben has strong involvement in the South East synthesizer community with various synth jams, modular meets and performances and is credited in two commercial music releases from the work in Canterbury Cathedral with Duet Media. Ben describes himself as having great communication skills and a ‘fertile, dry sense of humour’.

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Ben is: @robertrhoadesofficial