Gear List

The Mics

Rode NT2000 Condenser - the worlds first fully variable control condenser microphone

Polar pattern, high-pass filter and pad - all continuously variable from three separate dials (usually switched only)

Externally polarised 1 dual diaphragm and active electronics

Voiced for modern recording techniques through to silky smooth jazz character of legendary 50’s microphones

Aston Spirit - high-performance, switchable pattern condenser microphone

Utilises a 1 inch gold evaporated capsule

Switched selectors for: Omni, cardioid or figure-of-eight polar patterns

Beautifully open sound with sparkling harmonics

Highly accurate microphone gives a stunningly natural and transparent recording

Captures high range detail minus the harshness

Aston Origin - A great partner to the Aston Spirit

Shure Beta57 - A great snare-top alternative that's a favourite

Rode M5 Pair - Standard pair of pencil condensers which will 'get the job done' - great workhorses.

AKG Concert & Session Kits - to capture complete drum kit, bass and guitar amps, percussion, woodwind, vocals & other

The legendary d112 mkII bass drum mic - large diaphragm dynamic

Compact c430 condenser overheads

Compact d40 dynamic drum mics

Each features high maximum spl handling

Shure SM57’s, SM58’s and Beta Green 58’s…what else?

Back & Front

Some of the following equipment you will be using in studio - you will be driving and dialing in the sounds you want. You may not have used this gear before so towards the bottom of this page are links to help you navigate and get the best sounds from your precious recording time

Guitar amps

Mesa-Boogie Heartbreaker

Fender Superchamp X2

Marshall JVM 410C

Marshall Valvestate

Fender Acoustasonic 90

Bass amp

TC Electronic BG 250-210 Toneprint


Roland RE-501 (Chorus, Echo Sound-On-Sound, Reverb)

Boss GT-10

Various standard, wonderful and weird pedals

Pro-tools multitude of plug-ins


Elektron Analog Keys - polyphonic analog synthesizer

Korg Monolog -Analog Sythesizer

Korg Volca Bass

Roland VP330

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol MK2 including NI Komplete 11 sound library

Native Instruments maschine mikro

Teenage Engineering PO-14 Sub and PO-16 Factory

YOUNG CHANG - Extended upright piano E118 R BP

Roland Fantom XA sampler/synth

Yamaha DX11 - Multitimbral version of that classic 80s FM synth - awesome electric piano tone.

Ben Champion built Eurorack Modular System - Great if anyone wants to get more experimental, Ben is available to help.

Bastl Kastle - A pocket sized digital noise machine.


ETEK MA 400 Powered Laptop Mixer PA

Alto 312S 2,000 watt bi-amplified with new transducers

Eminence 400 watt passive 3 way speakers


Yamaha HS7, 95w rear ported active speakers, 43hz to 30khz

Bass adjustment: flat, -2dB or -4dB below 500Hz

High-trim switch for adjusting the HF with 0dB, -2dB and +2dB settings

Input balanced XLR or balanced/unbalanced quarter-inch jack

HI-FI Playback

Technics Vintage SA GX100, 80 watt mutli-format receiver

Danish Audio - DALI Menuet ultra-hifi speakers


Guitars (Electric):

Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop Special Edition

USA Fender Strat Tex Mex Special Edition

USA Fender Tele wood/wood

Ibanez Jem 777 Blue Floral

Various other gems!

Suhr Modern Satin - HSH custom wiring harness for 10 different pickup combinations - Suhr Pickups and Bareknuckle Juggernaut in the bridge.

Guitar (Acoustic): Guild DCE3 Blond/Blond vintage maple back spruce top, Breedlove Pursuit Concert Ebony Acoustic - Fantastic fingerstyle guitar, especially for lower tunings such as D and C standard or open tunings, various other acoustics.

Strings Other: Electric Mandolin, 3 Ukuleles, various weird and wonderful instruments from around the world

Bass: Fender Jazz, Tanglewood Precision, Ibanez SDGR

Keys: Roland Phantom X, Steinway Grand Piano (By Prior arrangement)

The Mix

Zoom ‘Big Dog’ L20 Mixer & Recorder (live/notepad)

22 simultaneous audio recording tracks (20 inputs and 1 stereo mix)

Records at up to 24-bit/96kHz on an SD card

Two effects busses, 20 classic digital effects inc: chorus, delays, and reverbs etc

Effects, EQ, overdub, audio interface, and A-F fader modes for 6 separate earphone monitor mixes

Six individual monitor mixes supported for musicians, each input has a 3-band mid-parametric EQ.

16 mono inputs on a single-knob compressor

LiveTrak L-20 also functions as a 22-in/4-out USB audio interface - route audio to DAW, while recording to SD

Route audio into the console, to mix with the live performance

Wireless control IOS mobile: Fader levels/modes, scenes, EQ, EFX sends/returns, parameters, effects & scene Libraries

UAD Satellite 2 Octo core

UAD Arrow 2 Channel Preamp interface

Audient ID4 Preamp interface