Luke Edney at The Crouch Oak - 12/12/2018

A week ago we headed down to The Crouch Oak for their last open mic night of the year. Really nice atmosphere and a very friendly bunch of musicians. We decided to break out the cameras and see what the artists had to offer. First of the bunch was Luke Edney... make sure to check him out!

Luke Edney




UAD Arrow VS Audient ID4

Pitting the UAD Arrow against the Audient ID4, Joe's testing these staple audio interfaces against each other, and comparing PRICE, SPECS, CONTROL and SOUND QUALITY to see which is your most suited option.


UAD Arrow Review

The Arrow from Universal Audio Devices is the world's first Thunderbolt 3 bus powered audio interface for Mac and Windows. In this video, Joe Boult goes in deep with the interface and it's software, and if it really is the right product for your home studio.

George Nash - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Back in the summer, NEM Senior recording engineer Tom Doughty recorded George Nash playing his arrangement of a grunge classic…

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana, Arr. George Nash after Eric Roche

Recording and video: Jai Bellchambers

Mix engineer and assistant recording engineer: Tom Doughty

Recorded at the Academy of Contemporary Music, Guildford

Mike Eldred Interview

The Mike Eldred Trio came to the UK touring with Robert Cray and the Hi Rhythm band.

Their final tour date was the 29th of October and ended with them in Guildford.

We were lucky enough to catch Mike and have a quick chat before sound check (we made him late)... Stay tuned to hear Mike go into detail about his time with Fender, Robert Cray, John Mayer, David Hidalgo etc, and also gives us exclusive insights into the four white strats he cloned from THE Jimi Hendrix white strat and where they went.


Follow Mike @mikeeldredtrio or,

Interviewer - Oliver Hall

Film and Editing - Stewart Laing

Chris Thorpe - Mini Shred