Joe Boult



Joe has a high-pass Bachelors degree in Professional Music Performance from the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, and an in-depth knowledge and experience in most genres and styles. Joe started life at the ACM with an extended diploma whilst working as a session guitarist and bassist. He muscled his way into NEM and it turns out, he’s much too good to kick him out. He’s a self-confessed guitarist, vocalist and bass guitarist, songwriter, arranger and live performer, and ‘specialises’ in; rock, pop, funk, blues and jazz and has done studio and live freelance work with many bands and artists, including Meera Patel, Wild Card, The D-Beez Party Band, and Marnie Mayroo, showcasing his work on Spotify, iTunes, Google play, YouTube and several SoundCloud Exclusives. This has left nobody around him with any work left to do!

He’s amassed an eclectic list of previous work ranging from pop and function work, to hard rock and heavy metal, and was the key creative input, principle musician on all instruments, mixer and recording engineer behind Marnie Mayroo’s debut single ‘Birthday Candle’, and regularly performs with The D-Beez Ultimate Party Band.

Links & Freelance:

Marnie Mayroo – Birthday Candle (Guitar, Bass, Synths, Recording, Production, Mixing):

The Robbie Williams Tribute Band – Let Me Entertain You (Guitar):

Wild Card – Cyanide Smile (Bass):

Meera Patel – Not Alone (Bass):

Original Material:

Gravity (Vocals, Guitars, Bass):

Over-Score – Violent Night [Live] (Vocals, Guitar):

Ringmaster (Vocals, Guitar, Bass):

Joe is: @josephboult