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Elina Tikkanen is a Finnish born singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, live performer, session singer/musician, composer, arranger and photographer. A graduate of Conservatoire of Kuopio (Finland) and Academy of Contemporary Music (UK), Elina majored in contemporary vocal performance and passed both schools with firsts. Additionally she has completed an online Film Scoring course with Berklee College of Music with a first.

Besides her extensive professional music education Elina has + 10 years’ experience working within the music industry with a broad range of performance/recording and song-writing credits under her belt.

Elina was introduced to Never Ever Media by the company’s current production lead Tom Doughty in late 2018. Coming from a family of successful entrepreneurs, Elina was immediately impressed by NEM’s business concept, values as well as the expertise and drive of the company’s founder Oliver Hall. Since joining the NEM Founder Members team, Elina has become an active member of the key team.

Elina is currently working on her own pop-music act under the name Elina, being the lead singer in Primrose Hill Collective (function) band and Lumino Tones duo. Elina also works as an session singer (both live and studio) and musician (trombone/euphonium), writes top lines and composes for films and ads. Besides an all-around musician, Elina is a popular photographer specialising in music photography and social media content. Lastly, Elina is currently building a music studio back in her hometown Kouvola, Finland. The recording and rehearsing studio is aimed to be opened in Spring 2020 and will be part of NEM’s worldwide collection of studios.

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Elina’s reel:

YouTube/Elina Music Official






Live vocals showreel

DisTurn - Where Are You Now (session singer & topline writer)

The Discovery Pt. II: In the Name of Progress.. feat Elina & Anna Wraith (session vocalist):

Elina - Perfect (artist/songwriter):

Risk It All – Chris Krunchy feat. Elina (lyricist & session vocalist):

MB3 productions feat Elina - Water And A Flame cover


Elina is: @elinamusic.official