Sam Rushton

sam drum.jpg

Drums lead, Production, artist, live sound, Videography.

Sam is a music producer having graduated with a first-class honours BA in Contemporary Music Production at ACM. He also plays drums like an absolute beast. His background is in metal production and we can confirm that he has a very good level of experience working with other genres such as jazz, pop, progressive rock/metal, and fusion. After achieving a double-distinction in BTEC level 3 at Music Technology, Sam has continued his pursuit of a career in music as a guitarist, vocalist and composer. Sam uses both Logic and Pro-tools and also has experience in managing teams responsible for lighting desks and rigs for various large-scale performances. Sam is one of the nicest, kindest and most thoughtful people you could meet - that’s because he’s Welsh.

Sam says of himself, ‘I can stay motivated and thrive whilst working under pressure, such as recording and producing an entire EP in 3 weeks for a client, whilst also working towards my own university assignments - long hours without a break to reach to reach a first-class result for both.’ Literally. He did that and got a first. The man is a machine.

Sam is: @crusharush