Cassy Quinn

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Cassy quinn

Cassy is the NEM liaison for project management and one-off events including the twice-yearly Rock for Refugees project in Guildford. She also heads up the management of all matters concerning mental health, motivation and well-being for NEM. Having worked for Cancer Research, the AQA examining and awarding body and her local Unite branch and describing herself as an enthusiastic, confident, self motivated and patient person - a calming temperament and a great team player who enjoys connecting with people - Cassy is a fantastic listener, mediator and support to our clients and Founder Members alike.

Cassy is the Founding member and Event Manager for Rock 4 Refugees. R4R is a group of volunteers that organises charitable events in aid of raising funds for refugees and displaced people. Events organised up to date include mini festivals, photo exhibitions and various music events. Cassy is passionate about raising funds and creating enjoyable community events that give local artists a platform to perform. This includes; managing volunteers, promotion, managing budgets, artist liaison, running planning meetings, liaison with venues, contacting local businesses for raffle prizes/sponsorship, managing the events on the day and post event activities.

Cassy is also worked for Underground Music, as a professional photographer and journalist, capturing a range of events within photos and reviews to drive the brand and website.

She has a strong passion for music, playing classical piano to grade 5 and going on to mixing music, mostly Drum and Bass and Jungle. She uses Technics vinyl decks and CDJS to mix playing at small events and festivals including; No Man’s Land Festival in Northampton, Onion Fest in Sussex, various Rock 4 Refugees events in Guildford, Optimystic’s Sessions in Bristol and Festi99 in Somerset.

Cassy loves long walks in the countryside, foraging (in bins), growing her own fruit and vegetables and cooking. She is creative and enjoys making art in various formats including; photography, pen drawings, paintings, knitting jewellery making.