Jai Bansuri

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production, videography, live recording, social media & digital, technology, guitar & drums

A sound enthusiast with an absolute passion for music, Jai is devoted to creating interesting sonic images and his interest for music began at an early age playing drums, guitar and piano.

From a young age Jai was fascinated with computers, programming, web-design and technical services and invested FL Studio and Cubase digital audio workstations learning basic production skills. While teaching himself music production, Jai became a member of several bands as a drummer and guitarist. He took an A-Level in Music Technology which laid a foundation for his technical knowledge and an interest in electronic music.

Since starting his studies at ACM, Jai gained experience in a number of studios in and around London and has recorded and mixed many artists. Jai took up production and sound engineering professionally and completed his degree in BA (Hons) Music Industry Practice - Contemporary Music Production at Guildford ACM, gaining an upper second-class with honours in 2018.

While he enjoys recording a truly wide range of genres, Jai likes to experiment with electronic music production and use a variety of avant-garde techniques reflecting his work - a fusion of minimal and experimental electronic music with live instruments, leading to a cocktail of two musical worlds. He expects to release his EP in the coming months.


  • Work experience at Big Smoke Studios run by Mark Brocklesby

  • Live sound engineering for ACM and other venues

  • Recorded many acts using beautiful& natural analog gear including SSL, MTA, and Audient desks

  • Logic Pro X (Tracking, Mixing, Editing, Producing) & Pro Tools

  • Experience with professional outboard equipment: Lexion reverbs, JDK Audio compressors & EQ’s, Universal Audio compressors & preamps, Neve preamps

  • Professional use of plugins from Waves and Izotope and those built into DAW’s

  • Use of monitoring systems: PMC, Yamaha, Genelec, Avantone, Dynaudio

  • Have recorded audio in 5.1 surround sound using special microphone placement setups

  • Videographer, audio management and recording services

Examples of work

Jai is: @j_bansuri