Oliver Hall


Owner, Business Lead, Social Media & Digital, Guitar, Vocals.

Oliver is from an English/Welsh background has played guitar and drums all his life, passing Trinity College of Music classical grades and then teaching fellow school pupils in his teens. Later he studied in England, France and Belgium and then lived in Holland earning an Erasmus Degree in International Marketing & Management, whilst gigging throughout Europe. Oliver completed a one year post-grad course at the Guitar Institute in London before going on to run the Fender Brands (Guitars, Basses, Amplification, Squire, Custom Shop and Pro-Audio) throughout Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Russia working closely with Artist Relations on endorsements and projects with Biffy Clyro, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Johnny Marr, Royal Blood and The Jimi Hendrix Estate among others. During this time he gigged and recorded in LA, Singapore, Indonesia, Europe and played regularly on the London/UK live music scene. Oliver has played with, and recorded in bands with notable musicians including Anna Calvi and Matt Nasir (Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls). He has written music for Sky Sports and ESPN global, all recorded and produced in his home studio in Twickenham.

Oliver escaped to the country (Guildford) several years and after much reflection and tree-hugging, decided to fulfill his dream of building a studio built for artists, by artists who are uniquely qualified to undertake and run such a project. Sometimes the team lets Oliver actually do things, but not very often which is best. Oliver sometimes contributes his ‘ideas’ to the team and then everybody gets on with what they were doing. Oliver had Wildwood Studio built in 2017, and then fitted it out, got it up and running as one of the UK’s most cutting-edge studios and launched it online within the newly formed NeverEverMedia company, within 16 weeks. The rest, as they say, is the future…

Oliver is: @oliverlhall