Daisy Phillips


Voice, Songwriting & composition, guitar

Daisy Phillips is a Guildford/Kent based Musician focusing on crafting songs with intimate meaning. She uses intricate lyricism to convey humble feelings, keeping her music close to the heart of the listener. Daisy also uses these song-writing skills and vocal abilities to co-write tracks, arrange backing vocals and record session vocals for a multitude of genres. She is passionate about finding the right sound to create the right atmosphere for each client and is also a highly competent guitarist. Daisy has done session work for the ACM and for library music.

Throughout her life, Daisy has always been passionate about music. Her career kick-started after winning a day at The Limehouse recording studio in 2013, where she recorded her first album. From then on she has worked on original material and session work as a vocalist/lyricist to achieve her dream of thriving in the music industry. In 2018, Daisy Phillips generated 82K streams and 11K individual fans on Spotify alone.

She was awarded the Freddie Mercury Scholarship at The Academy of Contemporary Music after being chosen from five final contestants by Roger Taylor and Brian May of Queen, funding her time at The ACM. She describes music as her sole obligation.

Daisy describes her skills as follows:

Can harmonise by ear, takes time layering and using different micro-harmonies to create the right effect on a track.

Learns lyrics and melodies very easily, meaning it does not take long to memorise a piece of music to record.

A goal-orientated mindset and best-of-ability work ethic, especially when working to a timed brief or working towards another persons’ project. Communicating competently when listening to instructions, Daisy is equally comfortable giving constructive critiques and following a direct brief, working well in a group setting.

Daisy is: @daisyphillipsmusic