Ana-Maria Lazar

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Bass, Education, songwriting & composition, voice

Hey there, I’m Ana-Maria Lazar, originally from Romania, now living in England. I started playing bass guitar when I was 17 years old, and I was self-taught for 3 years until I started attending the Academy of Contemporary Music in 2014. During my years at ACM I played with as many bands as I possibly could, one of my dearest projects that I am still part of being Eszter Mics & the Sisters, an all female jazz-pop sextet (link below) where I hold the low-end, provide vocal harmonies and help arranging. I was also part of the ACM House Band where we played with various artists that came to the Academy to give masterclasses, such as Hamish Stuart from The Average White Band and George Clinton (link below).

Around the time I graduated from ACM I started working with musical director and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Oliver Jones in a show called Sensation - the music of The Who. We toured in theatres all over the UK. In 2017 I also had the extreme pleasure of touring around the UK with Emergency Tiara, a pop band from New York and Science of the Lamps, Kaya Herstad’s (who is an ACM lecturer) band. It was the same year that the first Eszter Mics & the Sisters EP was released, followed by a busy summer of Festivals.

2018 was the year when I began focusing on teaching, starting working at British School of Rock and The Rock Project as a bass guitar and electric guitar instructor. It was the same year that I joined the function band Primrose Collective (link below). Joining Megan O’Neill’s (americana-pop, country-pop singer-songwriter from Ireland) live band was definitely one of the highlights of the year as the Spring to Autumn period was busy with festival gigs all over England. Another project I had the absolute pleasure of playing with was Me & the Moon, an indie-rock duo from Guildford. At the moment I am in the process of recording bass and backing vocals for Eszter Mics & the Sisters’ second EP which will be released in the Spring of this year. (Eszter Mics & the Sisters) (Hamish Stuart) (George Clinton) (Primrose Collective)

Ana is: @ana_lazar14