Services & pricelist for Wildwood Studio

and NeverEverMedia

(Please call/email us for longer or more unusual booking requests)


This price includes only the use of our rehearsal space, with the drum kit, pa and amps

4 hours: From £60


Audio Recording

This services includes an Audio Engineer/Producer and use of the whole studio and all its equipment, if you don't need an engineer then try the dry hire option. 

Full day (8 hours):  From £250

Half Day (4 hours) : From £160

Short day (2 hours): From £80

1 week (5x8 hours): From £1,700

1 month from (20x8 hours): From £4,300


Dry Hire

This does not include an engineer, but gives you use of the whole studio and all its equipment. There will be an engineer on site to help you get set if any problems occur

Full day (8 hours): From £120



Mixing by one of our engineers: From £100 per track



1 track mastered: from £50

5 tracks mastered: from £200

10 tracks mastered: from £350


Session Musicians

Our session musicians are available to play on your recording: from £200 per day



1 hour shoot: from £30

3 hour shoot: from £70

1 day shoot : from £140

Photo editing (per photo): £10

Photo editing (per 5 photos): £25

Photo editing (per 10 photos): £50



In studio live music, “YouTube” style: from £150 per day

On Location shoot: from £250 per day

Editing : from £100 per video


Key Services

Recording & Demo Consultation - Let us help you to maximise your time here:

We can run a pre-check before you record, to help establish the readiness of you and your tracks. From £30 per hour

We can run a session check for you - after your first half day or full day of recording, how do we maximise the rest of your time with us, how to shape your demo and overcome problems you may be having. From £30 per hour

We can run a post-check after you are finished, to advise on demo distribution, do’s and don’ts of distributing your demo and approaching Agents, Managers, Publishers, Record Companies, your PRS rights and much more. From £50 per hour


Web design and social media marketing:

With a wealth of experience behind us, let us help you to run your own site. Check the structure and flow, analytics, maximise growth and connect with your audience. From £150 initial consultation and plan


Anything else we can do for you? Management? Live sound? Use of our contacts: Let us know


Our Studio

West Clandon
United Kingdom

We are uniquely located in the Surrey Hills area of outstanding beauty:

Clandon station is 8 minutes from Guildford station

We are 15 minutes drive from Woking train station

We are 15 minutes from Guildford by Bus (White: hourly, Arriva: 3 x daily)

We are 50 minutes to London from Clandon train station

We are 35 minutes from Heathrow and 45 minutes from Gatwick

We are 15 minutes walk to the Onslow pub