The NeverEverMedia team

at Wildwood Studio


Founder Members:

Ben Champion, Andy Simpson, Alex Roussos, Elina Tikkanen, Joe Boult, Sam Rushden, Liam Loughman, Tom Doughty, Ian Gilchrist, Stewart Laing & Oliver Hall

Associate Founder Members:

Eva Linn Fossheim, Rico Diks, Erin Evans, Emily Williams, Jake 10

NeverEverMedia is built upon a Founding Membership, a core group of people with a bewildering array of skills, experience, qualifications and most importantly, passion. The building of the NEM FM group has been organic and it has been rapid. These are the people who have jumped at the idea of their own brand new social media platform and a stunning studio, set up and built voluntarily by this team. You can request one or a number of these members for your project or session. Or, we can match up those which will suit you best:

They each belong to one, or a number of NEM teams:

  1. Artists/Performance

  2. Production

  3. Instruments (Vocals, Guitar, Piano/Keyboards/Synths(PKS), Drums, Bass)

  4. Social Media & Digital

  5. Videography

  6. Technology

  7. Live recording

  8. Business

It is our pleasure to introduce our Founder Members to you, in no particular order:

Ben Champion - PKS Leader, Social Media & Digital, Production, Live recording, Artists, Guitar, Technology

Our resident professor in the dark arts of synth-building and all things that go beep, Ben is a grade A student in Music Technology, Physics and Maths and a Trinity College grade 7 guitarist. Ben has worked for the Duet Philharmonic at The Royal Festival Hall, King’s Week Arts Festival and Canterbury Cathedral Boys’ Choir with Duet Media. More recently, Ben is a key team member of the Hi-Tech Sales Department at Anderton’s Music covering studio recording, software interfaces and hardware integration, live sound and PA, synthesizers, digital pianos and some other things which we don’t really understand. Ben’s qualifications include an LST Diploma in live sound and a degree in Music Production at ACM when he graduates next year. Ben also has a strong interest in video editing and is such, is part of our five-strong video editing team. Ben has strong involvement in the South East synthesizer community with various synth jams, modular meets and performances and is credited in two commercial music releases from the work in Canterbury Cathedral with Duet Media. Ben describes himself as having great communication skills and a ‘fertile, dry sense of humour’!? Which is why we didn’t let him write is own biog.

Ben’s reel:

Works in progress of mine:

Andy Simpson - Production, Mastering Lead Coordinator (outsourced), Business, Technology, Live Recording, (traveling the world at present)

Andy was in on the project right at the start. Andy is a Bachelors graduate from ACM in Music Production and also a key-member of Andertons Pro-Audio team with several years experience under his belt. Andy encouraged this project from the get-go and, his belief and enthusiasm….in the Wildwood Studio and NeverEverMedia - providing a small and perfectly formed rehearsal, recording and mixing solution and a full social-media platform and network for the current-day musician/artist….are infectious. If this place feels positive, a large part of that is down to him. He is back in December this year and we can’t wait. Mostly so he stops posting pictures of nice places that are far away. Andy is our Mastering lead and all high-level mastering is done offsite at our sister-facility near Reading. Or, in London at a special undisclosed location, once reviewed by Ian Gilchrist (see below).

Alex Roussos - Deputy Production Lead, Production, Social Media & Digital, Guitar, PKS, Technology

Since completing ‘A’-levels in Media Studies and Music, Alex his plunged himself up to the eyeballs in music production and guitar playing. In 2018 Alex was awarded a first class honours degree in Music Industry Practice from the ACM. Since 2016, Alex has been a Freelance Music Producer, Mixer and Engineer with equipment and experience in such brands as Shure, Lewitt, AKG, Neumann, SE Electronics, SSL, Audient, Dave Smith Instruments, Korg, Focusrite, Universal Audio and Zoom. He is also a Logic and Pro-tools user. Alex has also played in, and contributed to musical acts in: Country, Pop, Folk, Alternative, Indie, Classic Rock, Metal, Pop Punk and Blues genres. Though no Swine-core work as yet. He is also partial to the odd synth-jam and can be found with FM’s Tom Doughty and Ben Champion noodling long into the night. Alex posses strong photography skills & experience - he is an NEM FM member of our Videography team - as well as strong technology skills and as such Alex also forms part of our five-member strong technology division. For quite a modest man, Alex does describe himself as, ‘hard working, creative, an enthusiastic producer, engineer and mixer. Experienced guitarist, accompanist and song writer. Promotional photographer with creative eye. An inspiring leader and committed team player, friendly and outgoing’. Blimey. Actually, that’s how we would describe him too. Just not to his face. Oops. He’s also half Greek. Just sayin’.

Alex’s reel:




Elina Tikkanen - Artists/Performance Lead, Vocals, Business, Production

Elina Tikkanen is a Finnish born (from actual, beautiful Finland) singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, live performer, session singer, composer, and arranger. As such, Elina heads up our artist team, able to give artists guidance, lend her valuable hand in session work and help steer an artist towards, and build on, the vision and goals they may have. Elina is a graduate of conservatoire of Kuopio (Finland) and Academy of Contemporary Music (UK) having majored in contemporary vocal performance, passing with a first class honours degree. Elina has a diverse musical background having done contemporary vocal training, as well as classical studies (including euphonium and trombone). Elina is a well adaptable, versatile vocalist with a 3- octave range and great improvisation, harmonization and sight reading abilities and has worked in a wide variety of styles and areas of the music industry. Elina is currently working on her own pop-music act under the name Elina, is a lead singer in Primrose Collective (function) band and Lumino Tones duo, as well as working as a session singer for producers/songwriters and writing top lines and lyrics for other artists and producers. In the past Elina has been associated with numerous different acts ranging from cover and tribute bands to original music productions in various styles, to an A cappella vocal ensemble - as well as classical ensembles and orchestras with trombone & euphonium. Additionally she has sung in various choirs for over a decade. Phew. Is there anything she hasn’t done…? Nope.

Elina’s reel:

Elina - Perfect (original song/music video) (published 08/18):

 Primrose Collective - Ain't Nobody cover (published 05/18):

Lumino Tones - I Say A Little Prayer cover (published 10/18):

Collaboration with MB3 productions - Water And A Flame cover (published 10/18):

Collaboration with Georgia Roworth (songwriter) - Thieves (original song; my role was a session singer) (published in Autumn 2017): 

Joe Boult - Guitar Lead/Bass/Vocals, Social Media & Digital, Live recording

Joe has a high-pass Bachelors degree in Professional Music Performance from the Academy of Contemporary Music, and an in-depth knowledge and experience in most genres and styles. Joe started life at the ACM with an extended diploma whilst working as a session guitarist and bassist - he’s northern and he’s a big lad. He muscled his way into NEM and it turns out, he’s too good to kick him out. He’s a self-confessed guitarist, vocalist and bass guitarist, songwriter, arranger and live performer. He ‘specialises’ in; rock, pop, funk, blues and jazz . He’s done freelance work with: Meera Patel - Bass, Guitar, Live, Wild Card Bass, music video, The D-Beez Party Band - Guitar, Backing Vocals, Live; The Robbie Williams Tribute Band - Guitar, Backing Vocals, Live; Marnie Mayroo - Guitar, Studio Producer; 1 EP, live, Over-Score – Guitar, Vocals; 1 EP, live. His studio work includes: - Marnie Mayroo – Birthday Candle, All instruments & production; Joe Boult – One Door Closes EP (Guitar, Vocals, Bass); Marnie Mayroo – FriendLust EP Unplugged, - Guitar; Over-Score – Warrior EP (Guitar, Vocals) - showcasing his work on Spotify, iTunes, Google play, YouTube and sveral SoundCloud Exclusives. This has left nobody around him any work to do, resulting in much jealous hatred his way.

He’s amassed an eclectic list of previous work ranging from pop and function work, to hard rock and heavy metal, and was the key creative input, principle musician all instruments, mixer and recording engineer behind Marnie Mayroo’s debut single ‘Birthday Candle’, and regularly performs with The D-Beez Ultimate Party Band.

Links Freelance:

Marnie Mayroo – Birthday Candle (Guitar, Bass, Synths, Recording, Production, Mixing):

The Robbie Williams Tribute Band – Let Me Entertain You (Guitar):

Wild Card – Cyanide Smile (Bass):

Meera Patel – Not Alone (Bass):

Original Material:

Gravity (Vocals, Guitars, Bass):

Over-Score – Violent Night [Live] (Vocals, Guitar):

Ringmaster (Vocals, Guitar, Bass):

Over-Score – Get Used to That (Vocals, Guitar):

Sam Rushton - Drums lead, Production, Videography

Sam is a music producer having graduated with a first-class honours BA in Contemporary Music Production at ACM. He also plays drums like an absolute beast. His background is in metal production and we can confirm that he has a very good level of experience working with other genres such as jazz, pop, progressive rock/metal, and fusion. After achieving a double-distinction in BTEC level 3 at Music Technology, Sam has continued his pursuit of a career in music as a guitarist, vocalist and composer. Sam uses both Logic and Pro-tools and also has experience in managing teams responsible for lighting desks and rigs for various large-scale performances. Sam is one of the nicest, kindest and most thoughtful people on the team - that’s because he’s Welsh.

Sam says of himself, I can stay motivated and thrive whilst working under pressure, such as recording and producing an entire EP in 3 weeks for a client, whilst also working towards my own university assignments - long hours without a break to reach to reach a first-class result for both. Litteraly. He did that and got a first. The man is a machine. And like we said, he’s Welsh… Lechyd Da etc etc!

Liam Loughman - Production

Liam is a second year student at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford following a degree course in Music Production and a musician in his own right with plenty of recording experience under his belt. Liam is already putting his considerable knowledge and drive into practice and this gives NeverEverMedia a unique and live insight into the most current production techniques and requirements - all of which are made available to you at Wildwood Studio. He offers unique insight into what young artists require as students regarding study completion and deadlines. Liam prides himself on his outreach to schools to introduce pupils as young as possible to making music and recording - encouraging them to express themselves in this beautiful and unique studio environment. Liam is a Scot, plays ice hockey and is a gentle soul. Yep, strange but true.

Tom Doughty - Production Lead, Business, Social Media & Digital, PKS, Live Recording

Tom played violin from an early age. Throughout a career as senior chef - working for Michel Roux and throughout Europe, he maintained his music by playing and recording, whilst building up a home studio. Tom furthered his professional music career by completing the ACM BA music production degree, gaining a high-pass 2(i). Tom cites Bjork and Orbital as his seminal inspiration, when going on to become a DJ, moving onto elements of afrobeat and funk. Tom is keen synth and sampler player using Reason 2 initially, then Logic Pro to create his sound. At the ACM Tom discovered a passion for recording and mixing bands and solo performances specialising in Acoustics and Creative Audio Technology. He recorded the ACM Electron Choir in surround sound on location at Watts Gallery, Surrey. NeverEverMedia echoes G.F. and Mary Watts vision of, ‘Art for all’. At the ACM Tom was also Course Representative and helped to encourage the ACM into providing a better service for students (he’s good at meddling for the betterment of society), as well as Workshop Developer and founder-member of Synthjam with Bob Earland of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop Band. Close to Tom’s heart is the plight of European refugees. He established a popular local fundraising festival, Rock4Refugees - which has hosted dozens of acts, including Acid Techno legends The Geezer and Gizelle, and Hip Hop Battle rap winner, Tenchoo raising over £10,000 for nominated causes. A selection of Tom’s work follows:

Ian Gilchrist - NON-EXEC DIRECTOR Business, Artists, Production, Videography

(The amount of info for this founder-member may seem gratuitous, but have a read and see how much of it is potentially relevant to you. Yep, all of it…)

Ian holds a Bachelors Degree in English Literature & Theatre Studies from University of Toronto (Victoria University) an is the owner of Divergent media which specialises in advising on all aspects of release and promotional strategy, digital and traditional marketing, content development (filmed, audio), written content creation and management, creative direction on projects of any scale, copywriting (biographies, sleeve notes, press releases) and editing. Ian has also volunteered for the Department of Education’s Film Club initiative, bringing high-cinematic art into schools. Clients include CCS Rights Management, JLE Entertainment (Toronto), Mystic Bowie's Talking Dreads, (US), and BMG UK.

Ian ran BMG UK - yep, that’s right folks. He was responsible for all aspects of release management including product development (content and packaging) and promotion (PR, sales copy and sales materials), print and digital marketing. Close collaboration with artists such as Slade, The Associates and many others, writers, fans and first-rate graphic designers to create and market best-in-class reissues. Winner: AIM Award 2016 'Special Catalogue Release of the Year'.

Manager, Union Square Music UK - All aspects of label & product management, wide variety of CD and CD/DVD releases from inception to marketplace, development of release concepts including compilations and box sets, management of external suppliers - packaging designers, liner note writers, PR firms and marketing agencies.

Consulting: Provided audio and filmed content creation and release management. Business development, relationship development and management, project management and copy-writing. Clients included CCS Rights Management (, abundant communications (, Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada, and others.

Product Development, Delta Leisure Group - Creation and development of audio and digital releases of PD and non-PD music. Development and management of DVD releases of specialty titles.

Project Management, IG Enterprises - Clients and outlets have included; pdoink! publishing (Toronto): Sales copywriting for innovative children’s book publishing start-up;, (London): Feature and review writer, interviewer; Universal Music Canada (Toronto): Liner note writer and; Pre-election Planning Committee for Andrew Cash (Toronto): Co-chairman of Planning Commitee, Federal Parliamentary candidate (New Democratic Party).

DVD/Blu-Ray Marketing Management, Peace Arch Entertainment - All aspects of DVD & Blu-ray marketing (trade and consumer) in the U.S. and Canada for a slate of live action titles (features and television series). Design direction and development for DVD & Blu-ray wraps and advertising. Provision of all necessary tools and information to sales teams to facilitate timely account presentations of PAHE releases. Presentation of newly scheduled titles to the Canadian and US teams. Administrative duties including maintenance and continual updating of release planner, sales decks and other internal and external documents.

Director of Sales & Marketing for Canada, Rounder Records Group - Responsible for implementing and overseeing all aspects of sales & marketing of Rounder Records' music and DVD releases in Canada. Creation of all sales materials, marketing plans and marketing tools (print ads, TV and radio spots) for Canada in conjunction with Universal Music and senior management at Rounder Records HQ in Boston, MA. Liaison with Universal Music Canada's sales & marketing team at head office in Toronto and branch offices in Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and other cities. Visits to key accounts in major cities to present key releases to buyers along with Universal Music representatives. Travel to Rounder HQ in Boston, MA to discuss territorial performance and set goals for key releases.

Director of Marketing DVD for USA, Palm Pictures - Responsible for all U.S. consumer marketing plans, budgets and marketing activities for a varied roster of feature films and music titles (including the seminal Talking Heads' concert film 'StopMaking Sense') on DVD and VHS.

Product Manager, RykoDisc (North East America) - Responsible for all aspects of product management (product and packaging development, provision of information for sales materials for field, creation of consumer advertising). Responsible for the selection and scheduling of titles from the extensive MGM/UA back-catalogue for the MGM/UA Soundtrack reissue series joint venture. Design direction of deluxe CD packaging, sourcing/creation of bonus materials. Co-producer of acclaimed Meat Puppets 'SST Years' reissue series with Meat Puppets' drummer and archivist Derrick Bostrom.

UK Label Manager, Milan Records - Soundtrack acquisition, sales and marketing, UK licensee liaison. Development and execution of promotional activities in conjunction with major and independent theatrical distributors including 20th Century Fox, UIP and Disney.

Senior Production Co-ordinator, Pioneer LDCE - Supervision of all steps in the creation of Laserdisc production masters. Selection of bonus materials. Commissioning and editing of liner notes, supervision of notes translation. Design direction and co-ordination of Laserdisc packaging. Selector of titles to be released in the premium 'Pioneer Cinema' range of classic films, including titles by Hitchcock, Polanski and other masters of cinema.

Ian’s quite old, but its actually really wrong to hate older people (or strike them in any way). He is also from Canadia. And look what he has done. Seriously. Avert your gaze, we’re not worthy and all that…Ian will help us consulting on special projects. People that are intending to be massive might well need to talk with him.

Stewart Laing - STUDIO PRINCIPAL & PARTNER, Technology Lead, Social Media & Digital Lead, Videography

Stewart started playing instruments from an early age, covering Bass, Guitar and Keyboards and studied for an extended level 3 AQA Diploma in Music Technology and Production at Brooklands, Surrey. He has gigged throughout Europe and recorded as a musician and as an engineer extensively. Stewart’s key strengths are tech design and infrastructure, and he has built numerous custom PCs for recording and gaming along with associated websites for clients and small businesses.  A Senior Tech Expert in the mobile communication industry - building elements of customer-facing scheduling and service online -  Stewart has worked for Apple, Carphone Warehouse & Vodafone. This experience gives him a thorough understanding of technology applied to mixing, recording and production of music and online content which he makes available to you. Stewart is half Indian, half Scottish. And you can’t say that about that many people. He’s also probably the most handsome man on the team. Which is annoying.

Oliver Hall - Owner, Business Lead, Social Media & Digital, Guitar, Vocals

Oliver has played guitar and drums all his life, passing Trinity College of Music classical grades and then teaching fellow school pupils in his teens. Later he studied in England, France and Belgium and then lived in Holland earning an Erasmus Degree in International Marketing & Management, whilst gigging throughout Europe. Oliver completed a one year post-grad course at the Guitar Institute in London before going on to run the Fender Brands (Guitars, Basses, Amplification, Squire, Custom Shop and Pro-Audio) throughout Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Russia working closely with Artist Relations on endorsements and projects with Biffy Clyro, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Johnny Marr, Royal Blood and The Jimi Hendrix Estate among others. During this time he gigged and recorded in LA, Singapore, Indonesia, Europe and played regularly on the London/UK live music scene. Oliver has played with, and recorded in bands with notable musicians including Anna Calvi and Matt Nasir (Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls). He has written music for Sky Sports and ESPN global, all recorded and produced in his home studio in Twickenham.

Oliver escaped to the country (Guildford) several years ago after several breakdowns and much therapy, and decided to fulfill his dream of building a studio built for artists, by artists who are uniquely qualified to undertake and run such a project. Sometimes the team lets Oliver actually do things, but not very often which is best. Oliver sometimes contributes his ‘ideas’ to the team and then everybody gets on with what they were doing. Oliver had Wildwood Studio built in 2017, and then fitted it out, got it up and running as one of the UK’s most cutting-edge studios and launched it within the newly formed NeverEverMedia company, within16 weeks. The rest, as they say, is the future…

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Session Musicians

DRUMS - Sam Rushton

GUITAR - Joe Boult, Alex Roussos, Ben Champion, Oliver Hall

BASS - Joe Boult, Phil McKenzie

KEYS - Ben Champion (Synths)

SONGWRITING - Elina Tikkanen, Rico Diks, Eva-Linn Fossheim, Oliver Hall